Trauma Informed Practice

Our school is a Trauma Informed Positive Education school. We provide a safe, supportive community that enables both students and adults to feel a sense of belonging, build caring relationships with one another, regulate feelings and behaviour as well as learn.

Within our trauma informed practice, we focus on building strong relationships. Our classrooms are stable, predictable and relationships focused to provide a healing environment for our children with adverse experiences, which is also best practice for all our children.

The Trauma Informed Positive Education model that we follow to strengthen our collective teacher efficacy is a strength based three-tiered approach.

  1. Increase self-regulation abilities. This includes Zones of Regulation, mindfulness, brain breaks, and rhythmic routines.
  2. Increase relational capacities. This includes positive supportive relationships, unconditional positive regard, emotional intelligence, the 2 by 10 method, mentoring, co regulation and championing of children.
  3. Increase resources for psychological student wellbeing. This includes our Positive Mental Health Coordinator, Growth Mindset, stamina for learning, resilient self-talk, practicing gratitude and character strengths.