Visual Arts

The Ocean Road Primary School Visual Arts Program aims to inspire and develop students’ artistic skills and creative talents. Students from year 1- 6 attend an art lesson each week in which they are encouraged to express themselves with confidence through a range of mediums and techniques including drawing, ceramics, printmaking, painting and sculpture.

Our budding artists are given a chance out of class to extend themselves through an Art Club. It is held during lunch and is utilised by students to get ahead in their lessons or work on projects of their own choice while allowing them to teach and learn from each other. The atmosphere in our Art Room at lunch times is buzzing with spontaneity, laughter and imagination which helps enhance our students learning and personal growth!

The presentation of the artwork promotes creative and critical thinking and builds on visual literacy enhancing the growth of the artist as well as the viewer. The creativity of our students is regularly celebrated around the school through displays at the front office and throughout the art room prompting plenty of discussions for staff and students alike. The students are also exposed to several opportunities to have their work incorporated as part of the school through individual and collaborative expression. Projects such as: designs of the interschool uniforms, illustrations of our school values, designs for the water tank with the Noongar Seasons and signage.

We at Ocean Road use art as a tool of expression and communication to celebrate our differences and brings us together as a school and a community.