Performing Arts

The Performing Arts program at Ocean Road Primary School is multi-faceted and based on the WA Arts Curriculum. It encompasses singing, playing, moving and composing in a variety of musical styles using contemporary instruments and digital technologies. Students are offered an engaging and hands-on approach to learning music skills and exploring how music impacts our cultures and our world.

Students in the junior years explore the elements of music while enjoying, movement, reading and writing music, as well as playing on various percussion instruments, such as drums, xylophones, boom whackers and bells. Students from Year 3-6 explore through the Musical Futures learning approach to instruments. They learn through a range of instruments including Ukulele, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, and Vocals, focusing on the importance of listening (aural recognition) of melody, rhythm and harmony to apply to their chosen instrument.

On top of the classroom music learning, Ocean Road Primary School offer selected students a range of music clubs and extension programs including: IMSS (Instrumental Music School Services), Sing Club, Rock Band and DRUMBEAT.

The IMSS (Instrumental Music School Services) program, is offered to selected Year 5 and 6 students with tuition offered in Clarinet and Flute.

Sing Club is aimed at middle Primary where students can develop their love for singing working on vocal skills, explore pitch and harmony, and build performance skills and confidence. Performance opportunities include school assemblies, and local celebrations at prestigious local and state venues.

Rock band is aimed at upper primary students and has two main parts, the lunch club development band, and the higher level performance band that holds structured rehearsals weekly. This is a fun and authentic way to extend students’ music skills and abilities and build a love of playing and being involved in music.

DRUMBEAT stands for Discovering Relationships Using Music, Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes and Thoughts. This therapeutic program is a personal development journey and was designed by Holyoake in 2003 using the Djembe drum to communicate. The program offers a safe environment to assist students to engage in conversations surrounding relationships/friendships.