Student Support


Ocean Road Primary School has a strong Student Support Team consisting of a Student Services Deputy, Learning Support Coordinators, a Lead Education Assistant, School Psychologist, Chaplain, and a high number of Special Needs Education Assistants.


We provide wrap around support to students, families, and our educators. This includes liaising with outside support agencies to create an environment that meets the child’s unique needs, builds on their strengths, and inspires them to be successful life-long learners. We empower families to navigate the path and access the best supports for their child so that ultimately, they are successful in school and in life.

Our Student Support Team consists of highly proficient, experienced professionals who work    collaboratively to achieve this common goal and vision for all students to excel. This team holds a tactical meeting once per week to triage individual students, engage in joint problem solving and capitalise on the team’s collective intelligence. The Student Services Deputy and the Learning Support Coordinators also engage in strategic meetings to proactively identify problems, generate solutions and plan for improvement and innovation across the school.


Response to Intervention is a comprehensive, multi-tiered approach for the early identification of students who are at risk academically or behaviourally. It outlines the layers of targeted support for these students learning and behaviour needs. The Response to Intervention process begins with high-quality instruction for all and research-based interventions for those who require it.

Each of our Student Support Focus areas has a clearly defined Three-Tiered Approach and referral processes. These include intervention and support for Behaviour, Attendance, Pastoral Care, English, and Numeracy.