Surf Snacks Canteen is committed to providing a range of nutritious food and drinks for the school community and complying with the five elements of the Department of Education’s Healthy Food and Drink Policy. Our Canteen Manager prepares food and drink choices for our school community that are tasty, interesting and affordable.

 Surf Snacks Canteen supports healthy eating at Ocean Road Primary School by:

  • changing the menu according to the summer and winter seasons
  • having available every day and promoting a wide range of foods that should make up the majority of a healthy diet
  • offering a range of foods and taking into consideration Australia’s multicultural society

Surf Snacks Canteen is managed by the P&C and relies on volunteers from the school community to help with the smooth running of the canteen.

Surf Snacks Canteen Menu 2024

All orders can be placed either at the canteen or on the QKR App. Orders need to be in before 8.45am

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