OCEAN ROAD announced pilot preschool to run Early Learning STEM Australia (ELSA)



OCEAN ROAD announced pilot preschool to run Early Learning STEM Australia (ELSA)

elsa 2We are proud to announce that Ocean Road Primary School will be one of the 100 ELSA 2018 pilot preschools across Australia.

Early Learning STEM Australia (ELSA) is a play-based digital learning program for children in preschool to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

ELSA 3Sarah Argent, Ocean Road PS Kindergarten / Pre-Primary PLC Leader, successfully applied for our school to be part of the pilot group.

The Early Learning STEM Australia project is being run by the STEM Education Research Centre in the Faculty of Education, Science, Technology and Mathematics at the University of Canberra.

  • To encourage preschool children, their educators and families to explore STEM practices such as locations, patterns, designing, making, spatial reasoning and problem solving.
  • To create six applications (apps) for tablet devices that go beyond the screen to encourage active play, and learning through play.
  • To introduce a play-based digital learning program for children in one hundred preschools from across Australia in the 2018 ELSA Pilot.

Click here to learn more about the program: https://www.canberra.edu.au/research/faculty-research-centres/stem-education-research-centre/research-projects/early-learning-stem-australia-elsa


Ocean Road Primary School promoting girls in Science at the 2017 STEM Expo at the Crown in Perth

Ocean Road Primary School attended the 2017 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Expo at the Crown in Perth.

The Expo provided an opportunity for guests to:

  • hear keynote presentations from recognised experts in the field of STEM education including:
    • Sue Ellery, Minister for Education;
    • Professor Peter Klinken, Chief Scientist of Western Australia;
    • Dr Fiona Wood, FRACS AM, Director of the Western Australia Burns Service; Dr Rebecca Allen, Postdoctoral Fellow, Swinburne University;
    • Mr Lee Watanabe Crockett, President, Global Digital Citizen Foundation
  • learn about innovative STEM education practices from the schools involved in the Teacher Development School  STEM Innovation Partnerships;
  • learn about STEM education from recognised experts in the field;
  • participate in practical and interactive STEM education professional learning and workshops designed to support teachers to increase student participation and achievement in STEM subjects;
  • network with industry partners and other schools to consider innovative ways to engage students in real-world STEM experiences; and
  • access contemporary resources that support the improved delivery of STEM education.

As a Teacher Development STEM Innovation school Ocean Road Primary School was invited to present our STEM story to the world. Through the excellent leadership provided by Mrs Harman and Mrs Smith, Year 6 students Hayley Kallenberg, Makayla Noyes and Imojen Bacon did an amazing job showcasing the remarkable things that are happening in each and every classroom in our school and promoting the importance of having females involved in Science. We are all very proud of the work that is being done at our school and are extremely honoured to have been invited to share it.

Winners of the inaugural ORPS Family Challenge –

ORPS Family Challenge - getting NAPLAN ready the Fun Way.

(from left to right)
Kaylee, Dean Finlay, Johanna and Jessica

Well done to our students Kaylee and Johanna and Jessica and their families for their outstanding results in our first Ocean Road Family Challenge. Dean Finlay and all of us here at Ocean Road couldn’t be prouder! The Ocean Road Family Challenge is designed for the whole family. We want you all to get NAPLAN ready the fun way.

Kaylee, have fun with your whole day pass for Bricks 4 Kidz – Baldivis (thanks to Josh and his team for the generous donation) and Johanna and Jessica – we hope you and your family will enjoy the day with the Jurassic Creatures in Perth.

Missed it? Check our latest newsletter or our facebook page to give it a go 

Stay tuned for our next challenge – we are delighted to have secured family passes from our generous sponsors Peel Zoo and Mandurah Cruises.