Row, row, row your boat; and read, read, read – how to gently prepare your child for kindy without pressure

Row, row, row your boat; and read, read, read – how to gently prepare your child for kindy without pressure

Row, row, row your boat … remember this and similar nursery rhymes? You might be worried if your child needs a pre kindy program to excel in school and to be perfectly set up for a great career. Early literacy and numeracy skills are important. As are social and emotional skills. However singing, reading, rhyming – is almost all that is needed to prepare your child for kindy and school says our Deputy Narelle Finlay. 

By the time children are three years old, most of the brain has developed – so experiences in the early years at home are very important. Loving and caring relationships with you, your family, friends, the school and school community help children to develop socially, emotionally and intellectually.

Play is particularly important in childhood learning. Play gives children opportunities to practise skills, communicate with others, take on challenges and solve problems in fun and enjoyable ways. Singing, playing games, talking, dancing,dressing up, writing and drawing all help the brain develop ways of thinking and learning.

It is really important that children are exposed to lots and lots of books. To develop a love of reading have a special time each day to read stories together – sit comfortably so your child can see the book and your facial expressions, and so you can see theirs. We advise to read at least three books a day, one fiction text, one non-fiction text and a book chosen by your child.

If you want to get social when reading and rhyming, join a playgroup or check out the free rhymetime sessions at the Mandurah library or the Falcon library. They start for children as little as 6 months. .

There are many privately organised playgroups – maybe check out Mandurah Mums Club on Facebook to join one or click the link below:

Playgroups can be found here

Rhymetime and story time events are listend and linked below:

Rhymetime Wednesday’s at Mandurah library

Rhymetime Mandurah – Babies & Crawlers

Storytime for Toddlers and Preschoolers on Fridays at the Mandurah Library

Rhymetime Falcon – Toddlers

Rhymetime Falcon – Babies & Crawlers

Rhymetime Mandurah – Babies & Crawlers

For activities and ideas click the below link: