The Right To Feel Safe: Protective Behaviours Program at Ocean Road

At Ocean Road Primary School we provide a program in Protective Behaviours across the school. The program, provided by Protective Behaviours WA, teaches children a range of skills and strategies to help prevent and reduce child abuse and violence.
Children who have been taught Protective Behaviours are more able to recognise threats to their safety and are more likely to suggest using personal safety strategies than comparison children (Johnson, 1985).

In order to work towards preventing children becoming victims of abuse, particularly sexual abuse, it is important to educate children on their rights to personal safety and the way we do this is by teaching children the following:

Theme One “We all have the right to feel safe at all times” and feelings.

  • Early Warning Signs (the physical sensations we experience in our body when feeling unsafe or excited).
  • Safety continuum (safe/fun to feel scared/risking on purpose/unsafe) and Problem Solving (How could someone feel safe even if…?).

Theme Two “We can talk with someone about anything, no matter what it is” and safe secrets/ unsafe secrets.

  • Networks (Identifying adults that we can talk with and ask for help if we feel unsafe/scared/ worried).
  • Persistence expectation (Persisting in asking for help until you feel safe again).
  • Body Awareness and Ownership and Private and Public parts of the body (including teaching and using the correct anatomical names for private parts of the body) Private and Public clothing/Private and Public places/Private and Public Behaviours/ Private and Public Information.
  • Personal space (social distance) and safe and unsafe touch.
  • Assertiveness (body language/ tone of voice/ NO GO TELL).

It is important that we empower children so as they are able to apply these preventative strategies as everyday life skills. The Protective Behaviours Program teaches children all of these preventative strategies in a non-threatening and non-sexual way.

See below video for more information on the subject.Protective Behaviours’ Western Australian Executive Officer Andrea Musulin provides valuable tips and information about what you can do to keep children safe and how to empower them to speak up and protect themselves.

Health Alert – Whooping Cough

Please be advised that an Ocean Road student has caught Whooping Cough (Pertussis). Whooping Cough can be a very serious infection in babies and small children.
If your child is coughing you should please take it to a GP for review.
Please note, even vaccinations don’t fully prevent the risk of getting infected with whooping cough. However if vaccinations are up to date you are by far less likely too catch the illness. If whooping cough is caught despite a complete vaccination record, it is known to be less severe if the patient has been vaccinated.

Please click on below links for more information. Take the letter with you if you see your GP.

Please also read the attached Fact Sheet from the Department of Health Western Australia.

Winners of the inaugural ORPS Family Challenge –

ORPS Family Challenge - getting NAPLAN ready the Fun Way.

(from left to right)
Kaylee, Dean Finlay, Johanna and Jessica

Well done to our students Kaylee and Johanna and Jessica and their families for their outstanding results in our first Ocean Road Family Challenge. Dean Finlay and all of us here at Ocean Road couldn’t be prouder! The Ocean Road Family Challenge is designed for the whole family. We want you all to get NAPLAN ready the fun way.

Kaylee, have fun with your whole day pass for Bricks 4 Kidz – Baldivis (thanks to Josh and his team for the generous donation) and Johanna and Jessica – we hope you and your family will enjoy the day with the Jurassic Creatures in Perth.

Missed it? Check our latest newsletter or our facebook page to give it a go 

Stay tuned for our next challenge – we are delighted to have secured family passes from our generous sponsors Peel Zoo and Mandurah Cruises.

Congratulations to our 2017 Student Councillors

Congratulations to our 2017 Student Councillors: It is with great pleasure that we announce Imojen Bacon, Kiara-Lee Macrone, Makayla Noyes, Tehani Tainsh, Diva Kandel, Ryley Kennett, Harry Northey and Byron Sutton as our Student Councillors for 2017.
And a special applause to our new Head Girl Imojen Bacon and Head Boy Ryley Kennett.


20170323_114210 head boy and headgirl

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is back

A big rush and plates wiped empty in an instant

The Breakfast Club is up and running again. Sue Lawrence, Julie Baler and Cynthia Falconer our lovely volunteers from South Mandurah Uniting Church provide brekkie for hungry students on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8am, in the undercover area. A big thank you to South Mandurah Uniting Church and Emily Ker David for organising!

An empty stomach doesn’t study well – so providing a free breakfast children to Be Their Best in the classroom. According to the Australian Red Cross 1 in 4 students does not get breakfast at home before they come to school. Unfortunately Sue and her volunteers colleagues can confirm that, “I am hungry”; “Can I have another toast?” “Oh, I haven’t had breakfast”, – was heard way too often when they offered toast and fresh fruit to the kids at Breakfast Club. About 150 kids got served each morning in the first week.

Want to know more? Click and read here!