The ORPS Newsletter ‘Ocean Tidings’ is online in weeks 2, 5 and 8 during the school term.

News Flashes will be published if the need arises between Newsletter issues.

Parents should check the school website regularly as important reminders and information are communicated in this way. Where space permits, community notices for sporting groups etc. are included.  Many teachers issue additional class notices to inform parents of class activities or programs.

To download or view the current school newsletter/news flash, please click on the links below:

Newsflash Thursday 14 October 2021

Newsletter Thursday 9 September 2021

Newsletter Thursday 19 August 2021

Newsletter Thursday 29 July 2021

Newsletter Thursday 10 June 2021

Newsletter Thursday 20 May 2021

Newsletter Thursday 29 April 2021

Newsletter Thursday 25 March 2021

Newsletter Thursday 4 March 2021

Newsletter Thursday 11 February 2021


Our Be You Action Team will be collaborating with our School Psychologist, Jordan Dalton and our School Chaplain, Deb Lysaght to provide wellbeing resources, apps and websites for our Ocean Road Primary School community during the next few months. These will be shared through our Website, Facebook page, Outreach, Email and in our School Newsletter.
We will continue to add updates as the year progresses. If you or your child/ren requires assistance during this difficult time, please contact the services from the Headspace Fact Sheet or local community services:
• Peel Health Hub – 9537 5500
• Peel Health Campus – 9531 8000
• Pat Thomas House – 9535 4775

Be You Family Survey

Gratitude Ideas

Returning to school worries


Beating Stress and Worries

How to cope with stress related to COVID-19