School hours and attendance

School commences at 8.45 am.  Please note that children need to go to the undercover area if they arrive at school prior to 8.30am without parent supervision.

First instruction period 8.45 am – 10.45 am
Morning recess 10.45 am – 11.10 am
Second instruction period 11.10 am – 1.10 pm
Lunch 1.10 pm – 1.50 pm
Mindfulness 1.50 pm – 2.00 pm
Third instruction period 2.00 pm – 3.00 pm

It doesn’t matter if your kids miss a day of school here or there, right?

Unfortunately, it does. Absence from school, even as early on as Pre-Primary and Kindergarten, can have a significant effect on the educational outcomes and life choices of the students.  Absenteeism is an early indicator of ‘academic risk’ and can have a major effect on performance. They miss out on important writing, reading and mathematics skills.

Going to school is your child’s ‘job’, and regular attendance builds good work habits which will help them to achieve in the workforce. They know they need to go to school, so you as parents need to let them know that this is a priority for both you and them. After all, while it might be hard to get them going in the morning, when they get to school they are engaged actively in learning important life skills, such as team work, problem solving, and conflict resolution, in addition to their school subjects.

 Of course, if your child/ren are genuinely sick please keep them home. If your child is away, please provide notification to the school before 10.00am via email or phone the front office on 9584 7150. 


Ocean Road Primary School is now using the school message system “Outreach” to assist parents and the school to communicate regarding student absences. This is an automated, personalised SMS text system where texts are sent directly to parents’ mobile phones if their child does not arrive at school. This is part of our duty of care of our students. It also saves parents’ time and makes the process a lot more efficient. Parents can respond directly via text from their mobile phone.

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