School banking

Established in 1931, School Banking has been teaching money-management skills to generations of primary school Australians.

Children who participate are rewarded with Dollarmites tokens that they can redeem for exciting rewards when they deposit regularly into their savings account. The program is supported with a range of fun and engaging materials to help them learn about money – and encourage them to save.

Not only does it teach crucial money skills, it’s also a great way for schools to engage with parents and the broader school community.

 In 2017, we’re taking students on an outback adventure through the Canyon of Savings and have eight new reward items to choose from our Outback Savers range.

Our School Banking day is Thursday.
A school banking representative will be set up outside the Uniform Shop located next to the canteen in the main undercover area at the following time ONLY each week.
Thursday: 8:15 am8.45 am

Parents/children are encouraged to pop in and drop their bank books off during this time. Each week you bank through School Banking you will receive a Dollarmites token. Once you reach 10 tokens you will be able to select one of the awesome rewards on offer.

If you do not yet participate in School Banking, it is not too late. Simply click on the link below to open your child’s Dollarmite account now.