School App – School Star



We are pleased to announce an upgrade to our school communication services to include a free app – School Star. School news, newsletters, event invitations, notices and general messages will now be sent through School Star. Only Ocean Road Primary School parents and carers can access content in the highly secure app.


Keeping parents and carers informed in very important to us, and we will be regularly uploading content to School Star. You will receive up-to-date current information, newsletters and important announcements within minutes of the school releasing the information.


With School Star, you will get the following benefits:

  • Receive news immediately, via the news feed;
  • Filter your news feed to see just the news that relates to your child;
  • Receive important messages from the school through School Star, instead of by SMS;
  • Reply or send your own message(s) to the school for free, day or night; and
  • Find the Ocean Road Primary phone number to call us, quickly and easily.


Please download School Star from your app store as soon as possible.


Download details:

Search your app store for ‘MGM School Star’

After you register a new account, only parents whose phone numbers are registered with the school are permitted to create an account and log in to School Star. School Star will automatically detect your school and check your ID credentials. This means that any posted content is protected and confined to the school community only.


We hope you enjoy using School Star.