The Ocean Road Primary School ‘Surf Snacks’ Canteen operates under the Western Australian Government’s Traffic Light System.  This means that our menu meets the Department of Education’s Policy and Standards for food and drinks sold in public school canteens.  To order recess or lunch, please complete a Lunch Bag and submit to the canteen before 8:45 am or place in your child’s classroom lunch tub.

Please note – Cheques are not accepted and no credit is available at our canteen.

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Traffic Light System Information:
In 2006 the State Government announced a policy and standards for healthy food and drinks provided in WA public school canteens and food services.  The policy includes a food and drink categorisation system based on ‘traffic lights’.

(G)  –  GREEN  predominantly fills the menu
(A)  –  AMBER  select carefully and restrict sales
(R)  –  RED  off the menuvegetables-573958_1920

The minimum standard for all pubic school canteens and food services requires that 60% of the menu comes from food and drink choices that are ‘GREEN’ with not more than 40% of the menu coming from the ‘AMBER’ category.  Note this minimum standard for healthy food and drink choices includes everything offered on the Ocean Road Primary School Canteen menu.