Spirit, Knowledge and Skills Precis

At Ocean Road Primary School, it is our shared responsibility to create a learning environment where everybody within our school community can develop the skill and the will necessary to successfully access and apply knowledge enabling them to become effective citizens in our ever changing world.

The development of the whole child is central in our community of learning. However, the process of learning involves, and is valued by everyone: students, staff, parents and volunteers. We are all educators and we are all learners. This concept underlines the fact that we can learn side by side, we can teach each other and we can learn from each other.

The Ocean Road Primary School Vibe, displayed below, describes the culture that underpins everything we do. All members of our school community have a responsibility to contribute and maintain this culture.

Staff, as individuals and as a collective, are responsible for upholding Ocean Road Primary School’s “Agreed Professional Behaviours” and the “All Black Principles the ORPSome Way”.

Our Spirit, Knowledge and Skills Precis has been developed collaboratively with staff in consultation with our School Board. It clearly articulates the key elements that we believe are critical to creating an effective learning environment. They are:

  • The what – values, beliefs, skills and learning content
  • The how – relationships, equity, evidence based practice and 21st Century Learning
  • The who – those responsible for delivering

All elements are mutually reliant upon each other in order to achieve continuous improvement and optimum success.

Spirit, Knowledge and Skills Precis