Congratulations to our 2017 Student Councillors

Congratulations to our 2017 Student Councillors: It is with great pleasure that we announce Imojen Bacon, Kiara-Lee Macrone, Makayla Noyes, Tehani Tainsh, Diva Kandel, Ryley Kennett, Harry Northey and Byron Sutton as our Student Councillors for 2017.
And a special applause to our new Head Girl Imojen Bacon and Head Boy Ryley Kennett.


20170323_114210 head boy and headgirl

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is back

A big rush and plates wiped empty in an instant

The Breakfast Club is up and running again. Sue Lawrence, Julie Baler and Cynthia Falconer our lovely volunteers from South Mandurah Uniting Church provide brekkie for hungry students on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8am, in the undercover area. A big thank you to South Mandurah Uniting Church and Emily Ker David for organising!

An empty stomach doesn’t study well – so providing a free breakfast children to Be Their Best in the classroom. According to the Australian Red Cross 1 in 4 students does not get breakfast at home before they come to school. Unfortunately Sue and her volunteers colleagues can confirm that, “I am hungry”; “Can I have another toast?” “Oh, I haven’t had breakfast”, – was heard way too often when they offered toast and fresh fruit to the kids at Breakfast Club. About 150 kids got served each morning in the first week.

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